Hello world :)


And welcome to the official Wonderbots blog!

Some of you might know us as “AC MECS” – the change only means that we ourselves have changed and are ready to score even better than last year!

The university school year has just started, but we are already very busy. Our laboratory – now called RoboLab – has expanded with new robotics enthusiasts – you can see the new projects in the “RoboLab” section of this site. On the Opening Day we had a stand with all the robots from the summer school and competitions, we will be posting some pictures soon enough.

We will also have a stand in the Rectorate of Politehnica University during Polifest (17th, 18th and 19th of October) – come meet us there :)

Sometimes last year we promised to have some robotics workshops – and now the materials are all ready! Between the 29th of October and the second of November we will be holding a one week training – this time only for high-schoolers. We plan on teaching some beginner classes for students as well, but later on in the year. We will be posting updates here as soon as they are available. Even though there are no more places available for this training, in the future we plan on using the contact form for applications to our programs. If you want to stay up to date with everything just subscribe to us ;)

And if you think we are pretty busy as is – well, it gets better :) the Eurobot rules are out early this year and we have already started planning!

But enough for now :) you can read more about how we progress and what other new activities we have started in future posts :P

The Wonderbots Team